1Dutch Projects is pleased to present Blotcoin; Vitality Resources, an original digital series of animated works by award-winning street artist Alexander Blot. We are thrilled to unveil the series at CADAF, an international digital and NFT art fair, produced in partnership with BeauxArts and Cie, a leading digital art publishing house, the fair will launch on June 17th, 2021.

Blotcoin; Vitality Resources will be offered as NFTs on Opensea.io. The first installment of the series consists of three works titled the “Birth”, the “Equilibrium” and the “New Era”.

Inspired by the recent overwhelming growth of blockchain and crypto industries, Blot metaphorically compares their underlying principles to those of the human relationship. The artist portrays the emotional process of bonding between two individuals that begins with curiosity and mistrust and culminates in profound affection, understanding, and birth of a new digital entity.  Collating technology, currency, sentiments, and human form, Blot inadvertently raises questions about their respective values, mutual reliance, and socioeconomic roles.

Decidedly futuristic, Blotcoin is at the same time highly intimate and delicate. 

The three works are executed in the artist’s signature saccharine palette and feature male/female characters, an inseparable whole or clenched in a gentle yet passionate handshake. The composition of the “New Era” centers around sand clock, a timeless symbol of the passage of time and mutability.

About the artist

Alexander Blot (b.1990) is an award-winning street artist. Born in Penza, Russian Federation, the artist received his B.F.A. from Penza State University in 2008. Alexander Blot painted numerous murals in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg. Blot’s creative output has been subject to numerous international exhibitions and street art festivals. In 2019, Alexander Blot was included in Encyclopedia of Russian Street Art. The artist works and lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Alex Blot: Blotcoin: Vitality Resources (2021)