1Dutch Projects is pleased to present In-human Contrast, an original and unpublished NFT series of three human-puzzles works by 3DFraction. We are thrilled to unveil the series at CADAF, an international digital and NFT art fair, produced in partnership with BeauxArts and Cie, a leading digital art publishing house. The fair will launch on June 17th, 2021.

In-human Contrast will be offered as original NFTs on Opensea.io. The series consists of three works portraying “human-dummy” of incredible perfection. The body is so flawless it glows. Viewed separately the works do not reveal the gender, but when put together they reveal a hermaphroditic silhouette.

3DFraction masters the blend of dead and alive, new and old, real and artificial … flowers piercing through the body portray life, while the see-through body parts are suggestive of non-human elements.

Another spectacular distinction about these artworks is the color, the light, and the procedural material that are being used are all made with "Nodes". Nodes are essentially very complicated mathematical calculations made by the computer to output what we ultimately see on the screen. In other words, the colors and lights that 3DFraction made for this piece are simply unique algorithms. There are no pictures or patterns used, those are all calculations! Each puzzle color flows naturally through to the next for a cohesive conclusion.

About the artist

3DFraction is European autodidact artist living in Berlin, who’s professional career been involved in IT sector as an engineer for many years. 3DFraction has extensive professional background and experience in technology as well as in traditional art.

3DFraction: In – Human Contrast (2021)