1Dutch Projects is a New York City-based curatorial art agency, working with established and up-and-coming artists on collaborations, exclusive series development, commissioned work, exhibits, and development of NFTs.

Working together with private collectors globally on expanding their collections, we are well aware of the market trends and buyers' preferences internationally.  We guide artists to expand their creative reach, explore new mediums all while ensuring the esthetics and presentation of their work are not jeopardized. 

We continue to look for new talent on daily basis, explore new mediums, and put integrity and passion for art first. 

The team is driven by two fierce women who have an uncompromised appreciation for art and craftsmanship, respect for skill and talent, and hard-working ethics for business operations.

Anna Gurfinkel is a former associate of Mimi Ferzt Gallery, a New York-based gallery that had been representing Russian Contemporary art for almost three decades. Anna holds an M.A. in Art History from Imperial Academy of the Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia, and is a USPAP licensed art appraiser.

Marina Fedotova holds a degree in Finance from Baruch Zicklin School of Business, completed executive courses/programs at Harvard Law School and Chicago Booth School.

1Dutch Projects has a joint venture partnership with Skaya Art, Dubai based art agency.

Who We Are