1Dutch Projects is thrilled to announce its participation in VR exhibition Bridge to Metaverse, an art exhibition of both emerging and established artists, who had their artworks tokenized into new digital/crypto medium, hosted by Snark.art.

Bridge to Metaverse aims to connect traditional and emerging art markets with an open knowledge-share platform to build a community, introduce art through virtual reality experience, and in-depth industry discussions and networking sessions.

For the first time, two works by Denis Ouch, “Saviors” (2019), and “Frankenstein” (2020) are tokenized into the digital medium as original artworks and participate in the crypto exhibition.

Saviors” (2019) is Ouch’s signature mural-gone-to-canvas large scale bright palette composition featuring a triple image of Jesus Christ crowned with a Bitcoin symbol. The striking piece is the artist’s first programmed commentary on blockchain and cryptocurrency and its next-generation religious status.

A classic Pop Art composition “Frankenstein” (2020) topographies a synchronized image of Boris Karloff, whose portrayal of the criminally minded monster in the eponymous movie of 1931 is embedded in popular culture. Created during the challenging quarantine period of 2020, this imposing piece is the artist’s reflection on the positive usage of progressive technology and the value of human life.

About the artist:

Denis Ouch is a contemporary street artist based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Completely self - taught, he gained international acclaim for his elegant large-scale murals. In early 2010, Ouch expanded his efforts onto the works on paper and canvas. The last solo exhibit was held in NYC in March 2019.

Ouch was born in 1984 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg, Russia). The artist holds a B.A. in Economics from CUNY, NY. Murals by Ouch can be found in Bushwick, NY, Wynwood District in Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, Detroit, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Tel Aviv, Israel. Ouch’s works are included in various international public and private collections, most notably, in the private collection of Diane von Furstenberg. Ouch’s work Money Pedestal for Liberty was included in the fundraiser for the Museum of Liberty Island, opened in May 2019. Ouch lives and works in Bushwick, NY.

About Snark.Art:

Snark.art is a project aimed at supporting the art community and bridging the gap between the crypto and traditional art markets. Not only in the sense of connecting artists and collectors but also in the way art is created and exhibited. Presenting digital art from crypto-native artists as well as traditional artists, we’re not only opening up for cross-pollination of curators, collectors, and artists, we’re also hosting a selection of discussion panels.


Bridge to Metaverse. Linking Tradition and Digital Art Markets in partnership with Snark.Art